Promoting Business Opportunities

STBC promotes business opportunities between Switzerland and Türkiye through events and current information, fostering connections with key individuals and organizations to unite Swiss and Turkish companies effectively.
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Specialized Information

STBC provides specialized information on business opportunities and economic development, facilitating informed decisions and strategies for operations between Switzerland and Türkiye, including identifying partnerships and navigating dynamic markets.
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Building Business Contacts

STBC connects members with Türkiye’s representatives and Swiss entrepreneurs, fostering info exchange, learning, and partnerships. It maintains a network in Türkiye, providing specialized info, local expertise, and practical support.
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What do we offer?

The Swiss Turkish Business Council offers specialized information on the following:

• Business opportunities
• Economic development of the two countries

To promote and facilitate business relations between Switzerland and Türkiye through a non-profit organization.

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To represent and promote mutual interests by providing essential market information.

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Creating exchange platforms between business representatives from Switzerland and Turkey to promote networks and business success.

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Independent networking organization known for high-quality events and strong partnerships for business professionals in Switzerland and Turkey.

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To provide specific information about job opportunities and economic development in both countries.

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Facilitating direct contact with representatives from Turkey, including entrepreneurs and government officials, to promote partnerships and business opportunities.

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Extensive network of partner organizations and business contacts in Turkey offering local expertise and support for business activities.

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Experienced Team

Promoting Business Opportunities The Swiss Turkish Business Council (STBC) fosters business relations between Switzerland and Türkiye through current information and events showcasing economic opportunities.

Providing Specialized Information STBC offers detailed insights into business opportunities and economic developments in both countries.

Facilitating Business Contacts STBC serves as a platform for members to meet Türkiye's representatives and connect with Swiss entrepreneurs in Türkiye, fostering partnerships and information exchange.

Extensive Network Support STBC maintains a robust network of partner organizations in Türkiye, offering local expertise and business support.

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STBC in Zug supports your business development in Switzerland and Turkey.

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