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The event is organized by the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Turkey (SCCT) and held in Istanbul on December 10, 2014. Topic: Can Family Businesses Innovate? Family businesses are an important source of economic development and growth. The past decades, family firms have received a lot of attention in the literature. Yet there are still some gaps that need to be explored. One of these gaps is that there is limited research investigating innovation in family-owned businesses, despite the importance of innovation. That is, innovation is considered to be essential for growth and survival of all firms. In Turkey, as in most of the world, the majority of businesses are family-owned. They need to move from being just trading and manufacturers of goods to developer of goods. SCCT plans to create a platform where it can bring right players from both countries, enable communication between the parties and support the 2023 Plan by collaboration between the two countries. For more information: