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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen Not only because of the actual quiet critical economic Situation in Turkey and it's negative effect to the local Market, but Turkish Companies face the strong need to start or even optimize their activities in how to Export and position their Products or Services to other European Countries. At the same time, Turkish Companies, Products and Services are still very competitive and therefore highly demanded by foreign Markets and Companies. The Balance of Turkish Products and Services regarding Price and Quality is Excellent and mostly a result of long term experience and know how in different Industries but also to the most advantageous environment provided by the Turkish Government. To have success in other European Countries means for Turkish Companies to get Financial Stability and increasing Profit. This also helps Turkey and it's Economy in it's aspiration to become a leading, absolute competitive and stable Export Country for the near future. But to start or even optimize their International Business in foreign Countries, Turkish Companies need a professional and experienced Partner in the target Countries right from the beginning, to provide highly professional and successful Services mainly in:
  • - Evaluating the Market and it's potential for the Company
  • - Creating a strong Strategy and Businessplan
  • - Finding the right Business Partner/s and Connections
  • - Founding a local Company and Costs (if needed)
  • - Building the Strategic and Operational Organisation (if needed)
  • - Solutions in Legal cases
  • - Connectivity with locals Banks and Finance Institutes
  • - Buying or rental of Company Office or Property (if needed)
  • - Cooperation with local Fiduciary for Accounting and Taxationuciary for Accounting and Taxation
  • - Solutions in Insurance
  • - Obtaining a Residential or Working Permit and other Services
These are the main areas where we as PBP International closely work together with our Turkish clients successfully and, in a professional and result-oriented way Situated both in Lugano/Switzerland (Headquarter) and Istanbul/Turkey (Rep. Office) and with a team of Top-Consultants and exclusive Business-Partners for all Industries, PBP International provides all these Services to have success in foreign Countries - based on their requirements and needs, which have to be evaluated first. We make it happen and open the Door for your Company for sustainable and successful Business Relations or Projects in foreign Countries. So, if you are interested in starting or even optimizing your International Efforts, Please contact us at once to learn more about our Services. Thank you, Kind Regards Orhan ARIKCI, Managing Director Lugano:  +41 (0)79 849 46  54 Istanbul: +90 (0)532 323 08 94