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26.11.2010: Networking

On the occasion of the official visit to Switzerland by the Turkish President H.E. Mr. Abdullah Gül, the Swiss Turkish Business Council organizes a Networking Dinner for its members and friends from Turkey:
Zurich, Zunfthaus zur Saffran, 26 November 2010

Welcome and Moderation, Necdet Dirilgen, Swiss Turkish Business Council (STBC), Zurich

necdet Dirilgen

Swiss Cleantech Strengths – International Building Standard,
Nick Beglinger, Foundation For Global Sustainability (FFGS) and
swisscleantech Association, Zurich

Nick Beglinger

Raimund Kunz, Ambassador of Switzerland in Ankara

raymund kunz

Handing over of a gift from Uğur Bayar, DEİK/Turkish Swiss Business Council (TSBC, Istanbul) to Necdet Dirilgen (STBC, Zurich)

bayarton dirilgen

Table No. 1 (from left to right, beginning at left corner):
Dr. Zeynel Abidin Erdem (Erdem Holding Inc., Istanbul)
Necdet Dirilgen (STBC, Zurich)
Rona Yircali (DEİK/WTBC, Istanbul)
Uğur Bayar (DEİK/TSBC, Istanbul)
Herbert Wight (STBC, Zurich)